192538 Instructor

Company Name:
Id : 54159
Date Created : 7/23/2014 7:11:07 AM
Location/City : SC - Seneca
Area Code : 864
Job Type : Contract
Recruiter Name : Bill Lawrence
Recruiter Email :
192538 Instructor
Location: Seneca, SC
Length: 8 Months
If interested, please send resume to
Conduct Licensed Operator Training activities associated with development and implementation of classroom and simulator training for initial and continuing training of licensed operators.
Required Skills:
Must qualify and meet requirements for nuclear station unescorted access/security clearance.
Preferred Skills:
Effective oral and written communication skills.
Experience adapting to changing work assignments and/or schedules.
Previous experience developing and conducting operator training utilizing traditional, accelerated learning techniques, innovative and interactive training techniques.
Ability to effectively interface with Training supervision and Operations line personnel.
Ability to handle and prioritize multiple assignments.
Preferred certification/degree:
Past or present fully qualified to Oconee Nuclear Equipment Operator job.
Past or present Oconee SRO license or certification.
Past or present instructor certification.
Self-motivated to be responsible for delivering programmatic content in the Non-licensed accredited training programs.

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